We live in a time where many people have low self esteem. Its commonplace to hear things like “I know I’m not going to amount to anything” or “you ain’t nobody” sadly after hearing these kinds of insults over and over again, people start to embrace those words and just like a self fulfilling prophecy, make the words a reality in their lives. This happens in the life of the believer as well as the non believer. The YAS movement exists to dispel that myth. YOU ARE SOMEBODY!! Why? Because GOD IS SOMEBODY and we are MADE IN HIS IMAGE! In order for a movement to begin, it has to have a vision. The YAS vision is based on COMMONALITY and COMMUNITY. Commonality is the glue that connects us all and YAS is committed to connecting the world to God who is the original dignity. And since He is the original dignity, and because we are created in His image, we have commonality in our humanity. Community is defined as a group of individuals that reside in a special area. Since we are residence of the same planet and since we all resemble the creator, we all bear a striking resemblance to Our Father. This resemblance allows us to be redeemed through the love of God, which is seen even in our brokenness through the good works we do for each other on earth. This commonality and community becomes the catalyst that begins the mending process of brokenness in all of humanity and transforms all of humanity into the image of the living God.