As the world is constantly changing around us, the concept of YAS is to adapt to these changes and to use constructive and comprehensive actions and activities to curb destructive attitudes and actions. This concept looks at the three main areas that influence us the most; global influence, national influence and local influence.

10 years ago it took time for information to make its ways across the world. Now, with the world in our pockets via high powered cell phones information from around the world, across the country or across the city reaches us within minutes. The YAS movement seeks to take advantage of this form of information sharing and adopt the concepts of information sharing and apply these concepts as a means to reach the world through social media.  

All of humanity, regardless of nationality is somebody because God is somebody! Humanity is created in the very image of God. Since we believe that God is the original dignity, all of humanity has dignity. No matter what your nationality is, how you feel, or where a person find themselves in life; YOU ARE SOMEBODY! #YAS!