Spiritual Awakening – the number one goal of the YAS movement is to lead the lost to Christ. First and foremost, my desire is that all men might come to a personal relationship with Christ the Savior. 

Personal Growth – so many people are struggling because they are remaining stagnant in their personal lives. They’ve prayed and asked for guidance from God but are stuck out of fear of moving forward. YAS seeks to help those people identify the problem and seek solutions that get them to next level thinking and next level personal action. 

Business Development and Entrepreneurship - as an entrepreneur and visionary of this movement, YAS seeks to make entrepreneurs after the  heart of the first entrepreneur (GOD) YAS wants to help individuals that possesses the desire to create new things for the good of others have  their  business  shape by  the first entrepreneur (God). YAS! God is the  father of all creativity. YAS  goal  is that  your business will take on the shape of God’s business by providing a quality product and service, being ethical and lastly to show the love of Christ in all aspects of business.  YOU  ARE SOMEBODY BECAUSE GOD IS  SOMEBOD!  YAS!!!