We live in a dynamic world, a changing world. We live in a world that has metamorphosed in the last ten years. Social media has given us access to instant communication. Information that took days, sometimes months to relay is instantly transmitted with the touch of a button.

The YAS - MOVEMENT is a global phenomenon, a creative powerhouse that connects every global citizen, - Anyone connected to social media platforms, and has a desire to transform lives. The lives of families, friends and communities. To transform from mediocrity to excellence. 

‘YAS- You Are Somebody’ is our rallying slogan. This slogan, focuses on three pillars of influence:

  1.  Your Local Influence
  2.  Your National Influence
  3.  Your Global Influence 

Your influence to all humanity matters, your shout out to persons of all ages, to empower impact, transform and change lives is the epitome of the YAS Movement.   

It’s a Movement that upholds the dignity of humanity, all humanity. We are diversely created members of one race, the human race, different in color, tribe and creed. United under one identity. The identity of God, a loving God who created everyone in his own image. 

Your nationality does not matter, your background is inconsequential, where you come from is immaterial, your social status and political leanings are insignificant. YAS is about your dignity your identity as a child of God whom he loves.